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To be                  is to embrace your look and wear it with confidence. FRESH dolls are an extension of the Positively Perfect doll family. They are called FRESH because they’re a totally new perspective on dolls.  These dolls have a variety of custom-blended skin tones ranging from deep mocha, caramel, latte, and even blended. They have authentic facial features, like beautiful full lips, and cute noses and  eyes.  Their stylish hair features braids, afros, afro-puffs, wavy and curly styles.  FRESH doll bodies are specifically designed to be more representative of multicultural young women so they have fuller hips, thighs and more realistic waists.  I designed the dolls to be poseable so girls could dream of what they want to become while posing, bending, and playing with their dolls.  Since traditional dolls clothes will not fit FRESH bodies, these dolls have their own FRESH fashion line that is “elegance with an edge”.

We hope little girls will see their own beauty reflected back to them with FRESH.

Dr. Lisa, CEO and Founder of World of EPI

Meet the Fresh Dolls


Naturally born a leader, Mia is always the first to stand up and make a difference. Her friends look up to her a lot, and she genuinely cares for each of them and their well-being. Along with her poppin' hair, she has an AMAZING singing voice! She has dreams of being on stage, spotlights beaming on her, and taking the world by storm! Of course, these dreams include her friends by her side!


 Indi is huge into Afropunk. She loves mixing traditional African prints with her own fresh style, and what better way to compliment her style than to have exciting hair! Indigo is known for her awesome hair. She always has fun switching it up to match her outfit and her mood, and all of her friends ask for style and hair tips constantly! Whether she has braids, brightly dyed hair, a short buzz accented with baby hairs, or anything else she comes up with, Indi always looks good and knows it! 


Tamra is obsessed with high fashion! She has dreams of one day strutting down the runways. The brighter the color, the happier she is. She loves to experiment with different makeup styles to go along with her fresh fashion sense.
Not only does she love playing with different makeup styles, she also adores conducting science experiments and pushing the laws of physics! Whether she is mixing dye solutions together to create the perfect lipstick color, or custom-blending minerals to create the best fresh foundation! Tam is always ready to help her friends with all their fashionably scientific needs-- whether Indie needs help concocting ultraviolet hair dye, or Jax and Gabby need help creating a biodegradable glitter that is safe for the environment! Tamra is definitely making STEM fresh again!


Jacqueline only answers to the nickname she gave herself -- Jax. She loves being the center of attention, but she always makes sure to include her friends alongside her. She comes from a mixed background, so her taste is a mixed-bag as well! She is ALWAYS out shopping, and once she comes home, she customizes her haul! Cutting, restitching, adjusting, dying fabrics, beading, you name it! Jax is definitely a sewing pro, and she has dreams of one day hosting the biggest fashion shows out there, even one to compete against New York Fashion Week! With her friends as her models, she believes anything can be done.


Lynette is the shortest among her friends, but don't let her height fool you! She has big ideas and great confidence.


Lynn dreams of becoming a best-selling author. Creating her own world fills her with lots of joy!


Working a style that's best described as "elegance with an edge," she makes a point to stand out. She is usually seen with her hair up in a big afro puff (and one might argue that her puff adds to her height!).


Whether it's her genetics, or it's filled with all of her ideas, something keeps her hair and her head held high! 


Gabby's name describes her perfectly -- she's chatty! She talks so fast that sometimes her friends need her to slow down.


She absolutely loves sparkles and the color purple -- every shade of it! Violet, plum, lavender, all different hues. She adorns every outfit with sparkles so that each style is happy like she is!


Gabby is very high energy and very silly. She loves throwing huge get-togethers with all her friends and throwing glitter all over the room to make it sparkly! Gabby is definitely the life of the party.


Aleyna is a chill, laid-back girl. She's very active, and easily adapts to most sports. Her favorite sport would definitely be tennis, though break-dancing is her guilty pleasure for sure!


Described as the tomboy of the group, she is not afraid to get her hands a little dirty. Her outfit of choice would be comfy tee shirts and either leggings or baggy, fresh pants!


She's also a major foodie, which may be a problem for her due to her athletics.


Froggy is certainly an unusual name, but this is a pretty extraordinary girl!

She showed an interest in creating things from the time she could walk, and she's in demand among her friends for help on any kind of art project or science fair display. She even has her own following on YouTube for her do-it-yourself videos!

Froggy's fashion sense reflects her inventive side and she always adds an unexpected, handmade flair to her outfits.


Victoria is all about glitz and glamour, and she loves the classic style of the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Dandridge, and María Félix. Dainty, vintage elegance fused with more modern, tasteful looks are her passion!


However, glamour is not her only strength. Victoria is an amazing actress, and she is always rehearsing a monologue, or perfecting her attitude for her next audition. She sees herself accepting an award for best leading role, and dreams to be one of the greatest actresses of her time!


Aria loves to travel the world and experience a variety of cultures. Everyone she knows calls her a cultural expert.


Not only does she love traveling, but she also loves going to school! When she is not traveling the world, she is exploring cultures through her favorite subjects-- history and geography.


Her sense of style comes from a variety of heritages and that excites her to no end. But no graphic tees or ripped jeans for this girl, she only wants sophisticated, fresh looks for her closet! She is proud of who she is, and the way she carries herself proves just that.


Where will Aria's next journey take her?

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