Well Helloooooo boys!


Welcome to the latest addition to our lines, The Fresh Squad. They're the coolest dudes in the hood and their names are Daniel, Anthony and Malik. Young boys need good role models too!


Anthony is the older brother of the Fresh Squad. Always offering a warm smile and gentle disposition, he is often the one the Squad turns to for advice. He regularly volunteers at Fresh Youth Club, and is studying Communications at Fresh Technical Institute (FTI). He sees himself becoming a motivational speaker in his adult life. He's even been told he should consider running for President one day! 


Malik is the heart of the Fresh Squad.  Probably the kindest, most compassionate person anyone will ever meet, he genuinely cares about the world and all the people in it. Studying to become an agricultural engineer, Malik likes spending his free time flexing every creative muscle possible -- from painting elaborate murals, to directing and shooting videos for the girls. Everything from Mia's newest music video, or Jacqueline's clothing hauls. He also enjoys playing the video games that Daniel creates! He adores supporting all of his friends in their dreams. He has always believed that young people have the power to change the world, and he plans to do just that, one day at a time!


Daniel is the baby brother of the Fresh Squad. He takes his job as a professional video game beta tester very seriously, and when he's not glued to his computer, livestreaming his latest online game obesession, he can be found skateboarding at the nearest skate park. With his fun and youthful spirit, Danny is always the life of the party, and has a knack for making people laugh. Daniel dreams of one day owning his very own gaming empire, and showing parents that video games aren't always a waste of time. 

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